X52 Online Began October 2017
X52: Great Commission Skills for Pastors & Leaders
____ Skill 1: Discerning & Developing Vision
____ Skill 2: Casting Vision & Creating Ownership
____ Skill 3: Setting Objectives & Establishing Accountability
____ Skill 4: Managing Ministry Time
____ Skill 5: Working with Staff & Leaders
____ Skill 6: Leaving a Gospel Footprint

G.O.1: Ongoing as Scheduled
G.O.1: Building Your Church’s Great Commission Matrix Outline:
____ Catching a Vision of God
____ The Nehemiah Model – The Great Commission Model
____ Four Disciplines of a Great Commission Church
____ The Church Lifecycle (3 stages and 6 characteristic categories)
____ A Closer Look at the Church Lifecycle (6 sub-stages)
____ Setting the Stage – from Lost to Worshiper
____ The Great Commission Matrix
____ Bottom Line Great Commission Vision & Strategy

G.O.2 Regional Training Event – Spring 2018 Event (TBD), Fall 2018 Event (TBD)
G.O.2: Expanding Your Church’s Great Commission Matrix – Outline:
____ Aligning Perception
____ Aligning Vision
____ Aligning Strategy
____ Aligning Structure
____ Aligning People

GO Clusters – Online TBD
GO CLUSTERS – G.O.1.X: Building Your Church’s Great Commission Matrix (Expanded Version) is the training curriculum that is used in the online GO Cluster training.GO Clusters are designed to work with a cohort of five or so pastors/leaders over the course of one year. During that year there are six online training sessions as a cohort with one-on-one consultations with each pastor between those sessions.

Leadership Ladder Training – Online Began October 2017
The Leadership Ladder: Developing Missional Leaders in the Church Outline:
____ Building Biblical Knowledge
____ Building Biblical Character
____ Living Missionally
____ Making Disciples
____ Mobilizing Ministry
____ Leading Ministry
____ Leading Leaders
____ Planting Churches

Gospel App. TBD
Gospel App 1.0: Life Applications for Overwhelmed, Overconnected, and Overcommitted Jesus Followers

Take Heart YZ TBD
Take Heart YZ: How Millennials Can Preach the Gospel to Themselves and What Real Difference It Will Make