Following the EPC General Assembly of 2015, the GO Center was nationalized, expanding from a ministry that served the Presbytery of the Mid-Atlantic to a ministry that serves all presbyteries. For the first two years, the ministry of the GO Center was completely funded by a funding surplus, allocated for the GO Center by the EPC National Leadership Team.

This funding model served to prime the pump of GO Center ministry throughout the denomination, and dozens of pastors, leaders and churches have engaged the GO Center for training, consulting and coaching. However, this funding model is not sustainable and a new funding model is being developed.

The challenge is that many churches that would benefit from the ministry of the GO Center are in long-term plateau or decline, with limited finances to invest in getting the help and support they need. If the cost of utilizing the GO Center is too high, these churches would be left out. On the other hand, the GO Center will not ultimately be sustainable if the churches and presbyteries that use the GO Center don’t reciprocate with funding support.

The Bottom Line: If your church is fully vested in per member askings, there is no cost to you for the ministry of the GO Center. Further, The GO Center will not deny ministry to any EPC church or presbytery or pastor or leader due to financial constraint. That said, here’s the plan for churches not up to date with per member askings. Invoices will be sent for GO Center ministry, and churches or presbyteries that sponsored that ministry will cover whatever portion of that invoice that they are able to cover. The projection is that some will indeed cover a portion, some will cover all, while others might go beyond the invoice to help balance the scales. The NLT will continue to provide funding and the combination of NLT funding, invoice payments and perhaps other fundraising efforts will create a sustainable funding model for the ongoing funding of the GO Center.

Plan to discuss the funding policy and protocol on the front end of conversations with the GO Center team about engaging the ministry of the GO Center. Again, funding will never stand in the way of getting vital GO Center ministry to your church or presbytery.